GCL is an international recycling and trading group specializing in all aspects of the electronic waste and precious metals recovery.

GCL Recycling & Refining was founded in 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey  to provide eco-friendly solutions to the growing e-waste problem in Turkey. GCL started its operations with only 15 employees and within a short period of 8 years, now have around 500 employees in its 14 recycling facilities and collection centers worldwide.

GCL’s team is Turkey’s most experienced in the management of electronic waste. We recycle many kinds of electronic waste at our facility located in Istanbul to provide efficient separation of materials within the e-waste and supply them as new raw materials to the end users. 

Using our knowledge and global supply chain, we recycle and market resources that play an important role in modern life.

Strong family spirit, shared knowledge, dedicated people and constant care for our reputation are the biggest assets of GCL. We develop our leading market position with a responsible approach to the environment, people and resources.

What We Do

E-Waste Recycling                                Catalyst Recycling

Secure Data Destruction                    Take-Back Programs

ITAD & Consulting Services

 Facts & Figures

- More than 500 employees in 14 countries on three continents.

- More than 450 tons of copper, 2 tons of silver and 400 kgs of gold recovered annually       from electronic waste only.

- Recycling more than 300 tons of auto catalysts annually.

- Global Logistics Operations


-  Global E-waste collection services