Any e-waste collected or accumulated through our disposal chain is transparently tracked, documented and reported to the official bodies to ensure it is responsibly recycled.

We audit ourselves and our recycling partners continuously to make sure that our policies and standards are being met.

We ensure our customers that all scrap electronics we receive from them will be recycled according to the current regulations and standards.

* We keep employee safety as our  main priority.

* We set voluntary principles and guidelines within the company to promote responsible practices.

* We only accept & process e-waste and non-hazardous waste in our facility.

* We do not export any toxic materials to developing countries.

* We do not incinerate any e-waste.

* We do not employ any child or migrant workers in our supply chain.

GCL's E-waste Recycling activities will constantly contribute to global economy while keeping "Responsible Recycling"  as first priority.