GCL stands for Global, Competitive and Leader!

Our management approach is based on 3 principles: to be responsible to our people, environment and society.

Our People: Health and safety of our people is the most important priority for us. We try to reduce injuries and eliminate fatalities by ensuring our high-potential risks have effective controls in place and by enhancing our culture of safety. We try to improve occupational health and hygiene to protect the longer-term health of our employees.

Environment: Our recycling activities are designed to make our environment a safer and healthier place. We follow responsible recycling procedures and activities to avoid any negative effect on our environment. We try to increase public awareness for reducing and reusing to achieve zero waste living.

Society: In addition to the environmental benefits our recycling operations result in socio-economic benefits to the countries where we work through employing people, buying goods and services and paying taxes. Our approach is to interact with communities, create value for the society and respect human rights. 

Mission: To provide e-waste recycling services, protect the environment, promote and raise public awareness on e-waste recycling in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.

Vision: GCL’s vision is to be one of the leading companies in the industry globally in terms of creating value for its shareholders, employees and its environment.

Strategy: We strive to be the leading e-waste recycler in all the countries we operate in and be the first choice business partner.

Goals: GCL’s goal is to create profitable growth by expanding its operations into more countries and on boarding new customers. We will do that through our transparency, high quality service and efficiency.