GCL accepts acting in accordance with the social responsibility awareness as a fundamental and unchangeable element of its management approach. Within this framework, we manage all of our activities with an understanding of economic, social and environmental responsibility and we keep "developing the society" on our agenda as a priority. We do not see the scope of our social responsibility approach limited with our business activities and their effects. We always try to play the lead role in activities which aim to protect our environment.

The principles we take as basis in our social responsibility applications are as follows:

1. As GCL, in all geographies that we perform activities in, we pay special care to fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities towards the society in a harmonious cooperation with our shareholders, employees, the public, civil society organizations and other stakeholders.

2. Our employees are our most valuable asset and ensuring and protecting the safety of our employees is our most important business goal. We believe that human resources is the most prominent element of sustainable growth. We ensure that our employees use their personal rights fully and correctly. We approach our employees with honesty and fairness and warrant them a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy work environment.

We display the necessary effort for the personal development of our employees and protect the balance between their personal lives and their professional lives. We do not accept discrimination among the employees for reasons such as language, race, color, sex, political views, beliefs, religion, sect, age, physical disability and similar reasons.  We apply healthy life programs to support the “protection of our employees’ health”, which is the most important factor for our employees to maintain quality and successful lives. As GCL, we believe that all our employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment under work conditions that are compliant with human dignity.

3. We manage any and all environmental effects that may arise from our e-waste recycling activities with an awareness of responsibility.

4. We support any initiatives that will increase the awareness concerning the environment.

5. We support our employees to volunteer for appropriate social activities that they will take part in with social responsibility awareness.

6. We pay special care to develop approaches and to implement such to ensure that all our business partners, particularly our suppliers, act in accordance with our  standards in the area of social responsibility.

7. We fully comply with international standards and certify our quality management.

We share our social responsibility activities from our website with the public. All managers and employees of GCL are equally responsible for corporate social responsibility projects.

Cumhur K. Timuçin
Levent Tektunalı